We set out to re-imagine online courses and memberships. We asked ourselves one simple question, “How can we make the membership experience 5X, 10X or even 20X more effective?” Well….We did it.

Through Community

Interactive and engaging membership communities specifically designed to enhance the user experience relating to your brand and products.

Through Micro-Learning

Prupel’s psychology-based approach makes learning fun and easy.
By utilizing our habit adoption process and micro-learning…we are able to prupel.

Through Ecosystem

Prupel’s process and technology is designed to create an ecosystem of products, services, and technology that creates an unparalleled
user experience.

Through Turnkey

Prupel provides a turnkey solution. We develop and manage the strategy and tactics to deliver your membership experience. We manage the entire business including the technology, marketing, content creation, community, engagement, and customer service.

Through Turnkey

Blueprint Phase

Create the blueprint for the membership, user experience, and identify ecosystem products.

Estimated Cost: $25,000
Time: 1-2 Months

Build Phase

Build the technology which can include a mobile app and/or web-based version. Build the marketing assets, content assets, KPI’s, and all operational elements.

Estimated Cost: $75K
Time: 3-4 Months.

Management Phase

Ongoing management of technology, customer service, member experience, and marketing.

Estimated Cost:
30% of membership sales & 10% of product sales. Time: Month to Month